Compositing Effects Elements with live action at 1000fps - Reconstruction Documentary
  • Production: Perfect Disasters Series - Discovery Channel
  • Director: Jeremy Turner / Rob Harvey
  • D O P: Pirate (flames are self illuminating)

Smashing Objects - Boxing Promo - 1000fps
  • Production: Boxing Promo for Setanta Sports
  • Director: N/A
  • D O P: Tim Green

Kommersant Russian News Channel Ident - 1000fps
  • Production: Kommersant Russian News Channel
  • Director: Sonia Lamba
  • D O P: N/A

Cereal Falling & Milk Pouring 1000fps - Weetabix Commercial
  • Production: Weetabix 'Bitesize' Commercial
  • Director: N/A
  • D O P: Mark Emberton

Beijing Olympics CCTV Titles - 1000fps
  • Production: CCTV Channel, China, Olympics Titles
  • Director: Sandy
  • D O P: N/A

Motorola High Speed Stills shoot - 1000fps
  • Production: Motorola
  • Director: N/A
  • Photographer: James Day

1000fps Sparks, Horse, Fire, Water - Discovery Channel Idents
  • Production: Discovery Channel Idents
  • Director: N/A
  • D O P: N/A

BOX TV Idents - 1000fps
  • Production: Box TV Idents
  • Directors: Tom
  • D O P: Paul Handley

Gordon's Gin commercial - 1000fps
  • Production: Gordon's Gin 'Gordon Ramsey' Commercial
  • Director: Jay Gelardi
  • D O P: Paul Handley

Cobra Beer sponsorship ITVs Movies - 1000fps
  • Production: Cobra Beer sponsorship of ITV 2 Movies
  • Director: Charlie Kinross
  • D O P: