High Speed Video & Film

High Speed Showreel, 1000fps, 2000fps, 4000fps, 8000fps
  • Our showreel showing some classic high speed shots:
  • shattering light bulb @ 4000fps
  • igniting pyro @ 4000fps
  • wine pour with motion controlled zoom out @ 2000fps
  • water drip on hotplate @ 4000fps
  • apple hit by bullet @ 8000fps
  • champagne pour with motion control zoom out @ 1000fps
  • water drip into pool @ 4000fps
  • match head igniting @ 2000fps

"English" at 1000fps
  • Production: 'English' short film
  • Directors: Ruth Hogben
  • D O P: Ruth Hogben

Phantoms in 3D - Kate Moss 3D at 1000fps
  • Production: Kate Moss 3d for AnOther Magazine
  • D O P: John Mathieson
  • Director: Baillie Walsh

Adidas "Fast v Fast" at 1000fps
  • Production: Adidas 'Fast vs Fast' football commercial
  • Directors: Gary Shore & Johnny Green
  • D O P: Daniel Landin

Nike "Write the Future" football commercial at 1000fps
  • Production: Nike 'Write The Future' football commercial
  • Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
  • D O P: Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki

Burberry Nail Polish 2000fps
  • Production: Burberry Make Up
  • Director: Iain Crawford
  • D O P: Simon Chaudoir

Adidas "Predator X" commercial 1000fps
  • Production: Adidas 'Predator_X' football boot commercial
  • Director: Marco Brambilla
  • D O P: Robbie Ryan

Quantum of Solace - 1000fps - James Bond Titles
  • Production: Bond 'Quantum of Solace' Titles
  • Directors: Mk12
  • D O P: Simon Chaudoir

Sure deodorant - SKY Cricket sponsorship 1000fps
  • Production: 'Sure' Cricket Sponsorship for BSkyB 2009
  • Director: Mark Holland
  • D O P: Tony May

Bacardi "Sunrise" commercial 1000fps
  • Production: Bacardi 'Sunrise' Commercial
  • Directors: Paul Angus, Ted Heath, Robin Carlisle, Matthew Unwin
  • D O P: Tim Green