High Speed Video and Film Camera Rental

Pirate own and operate several specialist high speed 16mm and S16mm film cameras as well as four different high speed video cameras, covering a wide range of budgets, qualities and speed ranges.
The video camera range comprises:

Phantom Flex4K Camera Hire - 4K resolution footage (4096 x 2160 pixels) at up to 1000fps and 2K / 1080p footage at up to 2000fps.
Phantom Flex Camera Hire - HD video (1080p) at up to 1275fps in high quality mode.
Phantom HD GOLD Camera Hire - High quality HD video (1080p) at up to 1000fps and 2k square footage (2048 x 2048 pixels) at up to 550fps.
Photron Fastcam BC2 Camera Rental - Best quality HD video up to 2,000 fps and 5,000fps at Standard Definition 16:9.
Photron Fastcam SA1.1 Rental - a Standard Definition camera working at a staggering 9,700 fps at 16:9 Standard Definition TV (1024 x 576 pixels).
NAC C3 - an analogue colour analysis camera also shooting at 125, 250 or 500fps onto S-VHS tape.
Motion Scope 500 - a digital black & white analysis shooting at 125, 250 or 500fps giving NTSC composite output.
The film camera range comprises:
Photec S16mm camera - a rotating-prism super 16mm film camera shooting from 100 - 3,000 fps.
Photo-Sonics Actionmaster-500 - a pin-registered standard 16mm film camera shooting at 10 - 500 fps.
Photo-Sonics Actionmaster-200 - an ultra compact pin-registered standard 16mm film camera shooting at 24 - 200 fps.

If you're thinking of ideas for shots, a great resource on the web belongs to David G. Alciatore. And if you'd like a technical discussion about the pros and cons of film vs digital, read this.

Some high quality examples of high speed shots can be found on the Vision Research site.

Pirate's Conditions of Hire (printable .pdf file)

Phantom Flex4K Camera Hire
Phantom Flex4K
£2700 for all kit
Phantom Flex Camera Hire
Phantom Flex
£2300 for all kit
Phantom HD GOLD Camera Hire
Phantom HD
£1800 for all kit
Photron Fastcam BC2 aka Photron Fastcam SA2 Camera Hire
Photron BC2
£1800 for all kit
High Speed Camera Comparison
Post Production Workflows for High Speed Footage
Focusing issues with digital cameras
Our Denz 'Flange Depth Controller' (FDC) CollimatorFree!
Underwater Housing Kit for Phantom HD Gold£150 / day
Abakus 260 B4 to PL converter - big video zooms onto 35mm£100 / day
Optex Excellence Periscope Probe Boroscope - aka 'Abekus'£630 / day
Birger lens mount for Canon EF lenses£100 / day
Wireless HD-SDI Transmitter Receiver System Hire£80 / day
Editing High Speed Footage in Final Cut Pro (FCP)
Applications for high speed video
Lighting for High Speed TV and Film Shoots
Kinoflo's VistaBeam Lights
Why Video Artifacts Occur in High Speed Digital Video Images
Photron Fastcam SA1.1 Hire - 16:9 Standard Definition Video @ 10,000 fps
£2655 for basic 10 hour day
Photron Ultima APX Hire - 16:9 Standard Definition Digital High Speed Video @ 2,000 fps
Digital HSV trolley
£1631 for basic 10 hour day
Standard Definition Digital High Speed Video Accessories
Photron Ultima APX Technical Information
Analogue Colour High Speed Video Kit (NAC HSV500C3)
Analogue Colour HSV Kit
£600 for basic 8 hour day
Digital Black and White MotionScope 500
Motionscope 500
£250 / day
Photec S16mm
Photec S16 main
£2175 for basic 10 hour day
Photo-Sonics Actionmaster-500 (aka Photosonics 16mm-1PL) and Angenieux 12-120 Lens
photo-sonics actionmaster 500 1PL
£1675 for basic 10 hour day
Photo-Sonics Actionmaster-200 (aka Photosonics 16mm-1VN) and Angenieux 12-120 Reflexed Lens
photo-sonics actionmaster 200 1VN
£1575 for basic 10 hour day.