Motion Control

If you are new to it, you may not know what 'motion control' means: in the film & video industry, it refers to the use of mechanisms controlled by computer technology. In a motion control studio, the film or video camera is mounted on a mechanism driven by motors controlled by a computer system. Such a mechanism is known as a 'motion control rig'. In addition, the computer system may control the zoom and focus of the camera lens, lighting circuit dimmers and extra mechanisms for moving props, known as 'modelmovers'.

At Pirate Motion Control there are 12 independent motors driving 12 separate movements, 3 lighting circuit dimmers and a wide variety of modelmovers, such as linear or rotary. We alo dry hire these modelmovers and our rotating stage.

Pirate's Conditions of Hire (printable .pdf file)

What are the benefits of using Motion Control?
Motion Control Studio Hire
Motion Control Studio
£2200 SD video / £2500 HD video / £2600 S16mm
Motion Controlled Microscope
Motion Controlled Microscope SD Image
Motion Controlled Hot Head
Motion Controlled Hot Head
Slow Rotary Modelmover MM1 (Turntable) and Speed Controller
Fast Modelmover on Steady Stand (supplied)
Fast Rotary Modelmover MM9 (Turntable) and Speed Controller
Fast Modelmover on Steady Stand (supplied)
Large Floor Turntable (Rotating Stage) and Speed Controller
Fast Modelmover on Steady Stand (supplied)
Combination Linear MM3 and Rotary Modelmover MM1
combination linear MM3 & rotary MM1
Combination Linear MM3R and Rotating Rod Modelmover MM8
combination linear MM3R and rotary rod MM8
Combination Linear MM6 and Rotary Modelmover MM5
combination linear modelmover MM6 and rotate MM7
Linear Modelmover MM4 and Speed Controller
linear modelmover MM4
Linear Modelmover with Rod MM3R and Speed Controller
linear modelmover with rod MM3R
Motion Controlled Gimbal Rig
Gimbal Rig
Objects-through-Liquid Rig