Pirate Profile

Pirate offer three services:

High Speed Video & Film - Our latest facility, comprising digital video and Super16 mm film cameras capable of astonishing frame rates.

  • Our top of the range high speed digital video cameras shoots up to 1,000fps at Sony HD (1920 x 1080) & 9,700fps at 16:9 Standard Definition broadcast resolution. Directors and DOPs love its ease of use, because we have integrated the camera with a live-image video eyepiece, a full range of cine lenses, accessories and optional Motion Control, producing film-like quality images without the hassle and expense of shooting film. The image sensors are sensitive enough to require only 2 x 10kW lights for pack shot work, resulting in a low lighting bill. We have our own 1,000sqft studio in West London, although shooting on location is no problem.
  • In addition, we have Super 16mm cameras available too - for example one camera shoots at an amazing 10,000fps!
  • We also hire high speed analogue video kits for self-operation, for use as video assists with high speed film cameras.

Motion Control - Since 1995, we offer a complete motion control service – our own designed & built 12 axis motion control rig with various modelmovers, a workshop to build one-off rigs and our own 1,000 sqft studio. Featuring:

  • Unique 3 channel motion-controlled dimmer, capable of producing smooth, repeatable lighting changes synchronised to a move.
  • For SD video, we can shoot onto either digibeta or our superior quality disk-based system for better keying etc.
  • HD video & Super16mm also available, together with a wide range of lenses including periscope.
  • Dry hire of studio and equipment such as turntables & linear modelmovers which can be operated by simple hand controllers.
  • Located within easy reach of Central London with ample unrestricted parking and close to Panalux Lighting and prop houses.

Models & Effects - Starting in 1988 from a background of industrial design and product prototyping, we specialise in the design and build of technical models and physical effects for films, commercials, TV idents and advertising stills. Our design and workshop facilities are second to none in the models & effects field, combining traditional manual machine tools with modern computer-controlled equipment. In particular, no other models & effects company comes close to our capabilities in using computer data from clients. Within easy reach of Central London and Heathrow Airport, we have clients not only in London's West End, but also from around Europe.

Pirate is owned and operated by:

Michael Ganss BSc(Hons), MPhil (Cantab), Dip IC, MDes(RCA) Qualifications include: MDes Industrial Design Engineering - Royal College of Art (1986), Dip IC Industrial Design Engineering - Imperial College London (1986), MPhil Production Methods & Management - Cambridge University Engineering Department (1982), BSc(Hons) Engineering Science - Warwick University (1981).

Martin Godward BA (Hons), MDes (RCA) Qualifications include: MDes Industrial Design - Royal College of Art (1985), BA(Hons) Industrial Design - Newcastle Polytechnic (1982).