Photron Ultima APX Technical Information

  • The kit comprises a camera head & memory block, controlled by a custom-built Camera Control Unit (CCU). Custom-built lens mount permits a full range of 35mm cine lenses to be used. Pirate's baseplate provides full compatibility with 35mm cine camera accessories such as head, tripod, matte rails, matte box etc.
  • Video eyepiece allows easy shot setup.
  • 21" G1 monitor provides instant high quality image playback.
  • Motion Controlled Head option. Focus, zoom, pan & tilt can be motion controlled.
  • Custom Frame Rate option. Bespoke software and interface hardware permits any steady frame rate to be shot above 75fps. In addition, 25 fps can be shot to match live action with high speed shots.
  • Trigger Kit option. Events can be synchronised to camera turnover and/or motion controlled camera movements. (Standard trigger options include End trigger).
  • LaCie 160GB portable hard drive supplies uncompressed 10 bit TIFF files to clients (Mac & PC compatible) - supplied in rugged shock-proof case.

So how exactly are the images stored?
The frames are captured digitally within the camera memory, and then downloaded onto a hard disk within the CCU before using the camera again. Each take is saved as a numbered sequence of uncompressed 10 bit TIFF files within a named folder. As a rough guide, an edited 1000 frames will take 3 minutes to download, and occupy about 3Gb of CCU disk space. During the shoot, data is copied onto the 160Gb LaCie portable drive, which is formatted for plug & play use with Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000 and XP and Mac OS 9x & 10x allowing the files to be imported directly into an edit suite. (Sample data available on request). If required, Pirate can transfer the data onto digibeta tape for those who wish to edit conventionally.

Standard Camera Speeds (fps)
60, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000, 87600, 100000, 120000

Standard Shutter Speeds
1/frame rate and 1/3000, 1/4000, 1/6000, 1/8000, 1/10000, 1/15000, 1/20000, 1/30000, 1/40000, 1/50000, 1/87600, 1/100000, 1/120000

Image resolution (No. of pixels) and maximum frame rate are inter-related as follows:
1024w x 1024h Max frames = 2048 (plays back for 82 seconds at 25fps) 1024w x 768h Max frames = 2700 (plays back for 108 seconds at 25fps) 1024w x 512h Max frames = 4096 (plays back for 164 seconds at 25fps) Note: Pirate can provide High Definition 1080i format TIFFs on request too.

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