Microsecond Trigger Delay Kit


A kit designed & built by Pirate for sending an electronic signal to synchronise a camera with a special effect action. For example, it can be used with our air cannons to send a trigger signal to our high speed digital video cameras to begin recording at the instant that the projectile exits the end of the barrel. Futhermore, the trigger signal can be delayed in very small increments (0.0001 of a second) so that a stills camera flash pack can be triggered to take a shot at precisely the right time after an event. This kit is a modern replacement for the Mazoff trigger kit and a Dale Beam or Dale Delay Kit, used by stills photographers for years. This kit has been used several times by N K Image (Nick Knight) for his superb ground-breaking images.
Microsecond Trigger Delay Kit Image

Typical use of the kit - mounted on an air cannon, so that a suitable delay can be dialled-in between the ball leaving the cannon's nozzle and a flash pack being fired. This allows a photographer to fine tune the point at which an image is taken during a high-speed event. The kit has been used extensively by Nick Knight to great effect, in for example the album cover for Massive Attack's 100th Window. Alternatively, the exit signal can be used to trigger our high speed digital video camera to start recording, thus utilising the entire camera memory. The CSI New York titles are an example of the kind of shot in which it can be used.
Air Cannon, Horizontal with Sensor


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