Abakus 260 B4 to PL converter - big video zooms onto 35mm


Abakus B4 - PL mount converter

A lens mount converter made by Abakus, a UK company. A very useful piece of kit allowing 2/3" video lenses (eg Canon 10 - 400mm zoom) to be used on super-35 format cameras. The front end is B4 mount to accept a video lens, with the rear a Arri PL mount.

This enables the huge range of video zoom lenses (e.g. 100:1 zooms) to be used for 35mm-based cameras, such as our Phantom HD Golds and Photron BC2. This is particularly useful for sports outside broadcast work.

This should not be confused with the HDx2 B4/PL Optical Adapter supplied by Abel Cine. The Abel Cine unit does not cover super-35mm. As their specification says: "It ... magnifies the image to cover 22mm image circle: 1920x1080 on Phantom v640 & Phantom Flex, 3K on RED One ...". viz. it does not cover 1920 x 1080 on the Phantom HD Gold.