Editing High Speed Footage in Final Cut Pro (FCP)


'Out of the box' both Phantoms and Photrons can deliver 16bit .tif sequences. These can be delivered by Pirate or you can download the relevant software for transcoding the RAW data to DIY. For simple edits, or where budgets dictate an in-house edit, here is a no-cost method for using them in FCP:

a) Connect the external harddisk to the Macintosh computer and mount it. It is then best to copy the data to a Mac volume.

b) Open Quicktime Pro and open 'Image Sequence' by navigating to the directory and selecting the first .tif frame. Choose the frame rate (usually 25fps).

c) Save the sequence as a reference movie (important) in the same folder, that way the reference movies will not get separated from their .tifs.

d) Open FCP then import the reference movies you've just made.

e) Set up the sequence settings to match the resolution of the RAW data and select the "TIFF" compressor, otherwise FCP will try to render whilst you are editing. Slow. Bad.

f) Do your edit (the hard part) and colour correction etc.

g) Render the file and export it as an uncompressed Quicktime, but not as a reference movie this time. h) Use whatever software you like to convert / compress the Quicktime master file.