Birger lens mount for Canon EF lenses


Birger Mount

What is it?

The Birger lens mount is a computer controlled lens mount specifically for the Canon EF lenses, now popularly used on the Canon EOS 7D & 5D and RED cameras, for example. It enables the remote control of an EF lens' aperture, focus and zoom. Fitted to our Phantom HD GOLDs or Photron BC2, this capability is particularly useful when a camera is mounted inside our underwater housing or on a crane or any other hard-to-get-to place. The lens mount is computer-controlled by the same laptop used to run the camera. Indeed, when fitted to our Phantom HD Golds, the lens is controlled by Phantom camera control software itself. By having computer control of the lens, programmable, repeatable lens moves are possible. This upgrade to our Phantom HD Golds brings them inline with the new Phantom v640 and Phantom Flex cameras (which have the mount as an optional upgrade) without those camera's drawbacks.

Birger have a remote control under development at the moment. You can be sure that when it is available, we’ll have one.

For more information, visit Birger Engineering's website.. As you'll see, this is a tried and tested piece of technology from a well-established engineering company.


Birger lens mount & control£100/day