Phantom HD GOLD Camera Hire


Phantom HD

Europe's complete Phantom HD GOLD solution for ultra slow motion, with the most experienced people based in London. We have two camera kits and have designed and developed our own underwater housing kit, battery kits and hand-held kits with wireless HD transmitter/receivers for wire-free operation.

We have also developed ShotServer, a must for high-end shoots where time and quality are important.

The Phantom HD GOLD cameras produce 14 bit colour footage, the greatest bit depth data available in any high speed camera. the sensor is the same width as the film gate on a 35mm film camera, so all your favourite lenses work just the same. You might want to try this handy on-line lens calculator and Depth of Field calculator. Our cameras are fully equipped with HD colour live-image video eyepieces, a full range of cine lenses and accessories. And we've cracked the dreaded download time problem - we can save shots as data files in a fraction of the usual time, or if you are in a real hurry we have CineMags & CineStations which eliminate waiting for download on set. Further, we have built an HD-SDI data capture facility to save on post costs where best quality is not needed. And to cap it all, we've built our own ultra-fast data drives - RushesDrives - to hurry the data into Post.

Camera Features:

  • Image size = up to 2048 x 2048 pixels It's big.
  • 35mm depth-of-field It's beautiful.
  • True 1920 x 1080 High Definition at 1000fps Just as you'd expect.
  • 1/500,000 second maximum shutter speed It's fast.
  • 14-bit sensor depth (42-bit color) It's excellent quality.
  • HD eyepiece or HD on-board monitor with no image lag Great for handheld and focus pulling.
Additional Benefits:
  • Instant playback on Panasonic HD LCD monitor Coo at the graceful way that bullet smashes through plate glass while the next shot is being set up.
  • Sensitive image sensor (ISO 320 film equivalent at 360 degree shutter 25 fps) Typical shots require only 10kW tungsten lights, keeping costs lower.
  • Data delivered on external hard drive Either as Cine Raw files or 8, 10, 12 or 14 bit Tiffs, or even HD Quicktime movies.
  • End Record Trigger Continuously record in a loop and cut when you've seen the action - no more missed takes.
  • Synchronise Trigger Kit option Synchronise an event to camera turnover - pyrotechnics have never been so much fun.
  • PL, PV, BNCR, Nikon and Sony B4 Lens Mount Suits a wide range of lenses.
  • Low weight of 5.5kg Mounts on motion control rigs, cranes, booms and sleds - try that with a Photosonics film camera.
  • Motion Control Option If you need repeatable high speed camera moves or ultra-fast accurate focus pulls, we have a portable motion control head - the camera can pull focus, zoom, pan & tilt.

    How long can it run for?

    Used in 14bit colour, 1920 x 1080 resolution, our 16GB cameras can store approximately 4300 frames. At 1000fps, this fills in 4.3 seconds. To work out other run times, depending on colour bit depth, resolutions and frames rate, use this on-line calculator.

    What's a 'CineMag'?

    Phantom HD
    CineMags are unique to the Phantoms: they are blocks of memory which clip to the camera body. If shooting at less than 450fps on the HD Gold one can save footage directly into a CineMag (by-passing the camera's internal memory) so one can shoot very long takes. CineMags are hot-swappable too. Above 450fps, one shoots in the usual way into the camera memory, copying the footage across to CineMag in a matter of seconds. So no download time on set! Of course, one still needs to copy footage from the CineMag later, but without interrupting the shoot. The data is downloaded using a CineStation as cine raw files or played out in 4:4:4 10 bit video to a Sony SR55100 deck or computer-based video capture system. In addition, one can review shots stored in the CineMag, so instead of using a separate composite video playback system & operator, one can review earlier takes without the additional cost of video playback. Possibly even better, one can choose the best of the takes for saving later, rather than time-consumingly saving all takes. You know it makes sense. To give you a handle on CineMag capacity, a 256GB CineMag will store approximately 65 minutes of 25fps footage, so think of it as being a one hour tape. When full, this will take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to download as unpacked cine RAW data via a CineStation.

    However, there is a downside (isn't there always?) to achieving such rapid data transfer into the CineMag: the data is compressed down to 10-bit from 14-bit. When downloaded later using a CineStation, the data is decoded as 14 bit files, but the data only contains 10-bit information. So, if you have time and want best quality, don't use CineMags.

    What's a Remote Control Unit (RCU)?

    Phantom HD

    Another unique idea for Phantom cameras is the handheld camera control (RCU), wirelessly communicating via bluetooth. It has a built-in video monitor and essentially replaces the usual laptop control and its tethering gigabit ethernet cable. Although it allows easier deployment of the camera, particularly on location, it does mean CineMags must be used - there is no laptop or gigabit ethernet cable down which to save the data. Also, a BNC cable is needed to feed the built-in monitor (if needed). To go fully wireless, we use our HD-SDI wireless transmitter kit - see here.

    What's an HD-SDI Transmitter Receiver System for?

    This allows the transmission of a live or playback camera picture without wires, so usually used when the camera is running on batteries mounted on a rig, quad bike or steadycam, for example. We have the "WEVI CAM-WAVE CW-5HD" microwave link for rental, made by IDX. See here for more information.

    What's the 'HD-SDI data capture facility'?

    We have built a powerful computer system capable of capturing the Phantom's HD-SDI 4:2:2 monitor output as 10 bit uncompressed Quicktime data files. These are supplied on external hard disk, in the same way as the cine or tiff files. The data quality is the same or better than recording to a Sony SR55100 deck. The advantage of this approach is that one does not need to download a shot (it is simply recorded whilst watching the playback) and much time is saved in post. However, the downside is that one is not getting best quality data - the camera can provide 12 and 14 bit data.

    Link to Phantom HD GOLD Data Sheet

    Link to Phantom HD GOLD Mechanical drawing

    Resources for Phantom Cameras

    Technical info on Spectral Response WITHOUT blue filter

    Technical info on Spectral Response WITH blue filter

    Phantom CineViewer 675 software (for viewing & rendering .cine files) Free Download

    Download manufacturer's .pdf file

    Pirate's Conditions of Hire (printable .pdf file)


    Phantom HD Gold Camera (16GB Memory) with Sony C35 HD eyepiece, Computer Control system, 3 x 256GB CineMags & CineStation, Tripod & Head, Arri 4" Matte box & 15mm Rails, Panasonic LH1700W HD-SDI monitor, Canon Superspeed Prime Lenses (BNCR mount, 18mm-T1.5, 24mm-T1.5, 35mm-T1.3, 50mm-T1.3, 85mm-T1.3) (PL, PV, Nikon and Sony B4 lens mounts available too)£1800 per day

    High Speed Camera Technician£555 per 10 hours *OT - see here
    DIT£395 per 10 hours *OT - see here
    Cooke 135mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens£78 per day
    Remote Control Unit V2 (RCU2)£200 per day
    Shoulder Mount (for Handheld)£90 per day
    Battery Kit (4 x batteries, charger & battery switch)£260 per day
    Underwater housing adaptation kit (see here)£150 per day
    External Hard Drive, 4TB RAID Thunderbolt interfaces, in flight case, hire only£45
    Birger lens mount (see here)£100 per day
    HD-SDI data capture facility (10 bit uncompressed Quicktimes - similar to Sony SR55100)£300 per day
    HD-SDI wireless transmitter kit IDX WEVI CW-5HD (wireless feed of live camera picture) (see here)£80 per day
    Panasonic BT-LH900AE HD onboard monitor with built-in WFM£70 per day
    Panasonic LH1700W HD-SDI 17" monitor, flight cased on monitor stand£95 per day
    HD-SDI to Composite PAL downconverter (for use by video playback operator)£40 per day
    14" Sony High Resolution G1 monitor & cage (flight cased)£90 per day
    27" Sony Cube monitor in flight case£75 per day
    High-speed follow focus£75 per day
    Vinten V12 Fluid head & legs£45 per day
    Arri mini Hi Hat & Head£40 per day
    Scaffolding Camera Mount & Head£40 per day
    Optex Excellence Periscope Probe Boroscope - aka 'Abekus' (see here)£630 per day
    18mm-T1.5 prime£85 per day
    300mm-T2.8 prime - Canon Century Precision£150 per day
    Angenieux zoom lens T3.2, 25mm - 250mm£310 per day
    90mm Zoomar macro lens T2.8£50 per day
    Millisecond Trigger Kit Option (see here)£280 per day
    Motion Controlled Head, 4 axis, option (see here)£910 per 10 hours
    Conversion of .cine raw files to .tif sequence, per GB of .cine raw file£1.05 per GB
    Pirate Studio dry hire£550 per 10 hours
    Inside M25 equipment delivery / collection, inc. operator time£155
    Outside M25 equipment delivery / collection £145 minimum or mileage charged at155p per mile
    Outside M25 operator travel time charged prorata