Linear Modelmover with Rod MM3R and Speed Controller


A super-smooth linear modelmover constructed from a linear ballscrew. Suitable for super close-up work. Mounted on two lighting spigots for easy holding in the studio. The carriage has M6 tapped holes for mounting a model onto. and has an optional 20mm diameter rod which protrudes through the end on the casing, as shown. Typical use is for moving models smoothly, particularly in close-up. The rod can be used to drive a model 'in fresh air'. It is recommended that the unit is operated by a member of Pirate.
linear modelmover with rod MM3R

Technical details:

Linear modelmover: maximum travel 700mm, maximum speed xxmm/s

Rotary modelmover: maximum speed xx revolutions per second



With operator, add £350 per 10 hours (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.