Slow Rotary Modelmover MM1 (Turntable) and Speed Controller


Supplied with a simple controller, powered by a 13 amp socket, the turntable can be ramped up to a maximum speed in either direction of one revolution every 6 seconds (or 10 revolutions per minute). The turntable is of the highest quality providing a very smooth movement. Capable of carrying light loads, fitted with either a face plate of 180mm diameter, a turntable top of 520mm diameter or three-jaw chuck to hold your prop. Supplied with the sturdy stand shown but it can also be used with a lighting stand. Most clients do not need an operator with this equipment and it can be easily delivered & collected.
Slow Modelmover on Steady Stand (supplied)

Slow Modelmover
Slow Modelmover with three jaw chuck
Slow Modelmover with face plate
Slow Modelmover with tabletop
Modelmover Speed Controller
Slow Modelmoverwith 3 jaw chuckwith face platewith tabletopSpeed Controller