Large Floor Turntable (Rotating Stage) and Speed Controller


This high quality, smooth running turntable has a diameter of 1.17m, standing approximately 230mm off the floor and is capable of moving 1250 kg. It is fitted with a high-grip rubber mat and eight adjustable feet for levelling. Supplied with a simple controller, powered by a 13 amp socket, the turntable can be ramped up to a maximum speed in either direction of one revolution every 4 seconds unladen (or 15 revolutions/minute). A special feature is the incorporation of scaffold clamp mounting points, allowing structures or lights to be easily mounted (scaffold clamps are supplied as part of the standard kit). For ease of delivery & collection the turntable is mounted on a custom-made trolley: please note that transport should preferably include a tail-lift - this unit is very heavy! Most clients do not require an operator with this unit.
Large Floor Turntable with Speed Controller & Cables

Large Floor Turntable in use
Large Floor Turntable with Scaffold Clamps in use holding a light
Large Floor Turntable on Trolley
Modelmover Speed Controller
typical useusing scaffolding clampstransport trolleySpeed Controller