LCD Projector - Light Cannon (Barco 'Reality' 9200LC)


This high output Barco LCD Projector will accept composite or component video input, giving 5000 lumens output through a 1.5-3:1 zoom lens. This projector is intended for effects work as it has two pixels missing - hence the low hire fees (about a third of the full fee for a similar projector with no pixels missing). The projector is mounted in a space frame for easy handling and mounting from a scaffold rig, for example. The shipping container has castors fitted and usually the projector is placed on top, as shown, to manoeuvre it around the studio.
Video Projector

Space frame dimensions: 710mm x 150mm x 380mm. Front element of lens = 250mm diameter!


Dry Hire£150£450
With Operator£400£1250