Stock Footage

We are represented at Science Photo Library - see: SPL Motion.

We also sell clips directly. Each of the links below display our clips according to subject lists. Information about each clip can be accessed from the subject list together with a download version of the clip (Quicktime) at 360 pixels high. All our clips are available for licensed use only and costs are use specific. Please enquire by email or simply calling us on +44 208 930 5000.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, as we may shoot it to order.

Standard definition clips are delivered in their original captured format - that is, as sequentially-numbered uncompressed 10-bit TIFF files on disk. Image resolution varies from a massive 1024x1024 pixels to 1024x768 and 1024x512 pixels, depending on the subject type. Each footage has been exposed for maximum information and quality: consequently, they generally need treating for chroma and contrast in post-production.

High definition (1080p) clips can be delivered in any digital format you require, on hard disk. They will be rendered to order from the original 14 bit data.

Legal: The download versions of our stock footage clips provided here are only to be used for evaluation purposes to decide whether you wish to apply for a license for using the original clip data. You may not distribute, publish, display, copy or otherwise use the download version.

Valentine Hearts

Classic Water Drips

Balloons Bursting



Effects Backgrounds