Applications for high speed video

Although Pirate have developed their kit specifically for the TV & film market, we service other markets -

  • 'Motion Analysis' of machine tools and industrial processes - for example, at Sarah Lee's factory in Slough a capping problem on a bottling line was solved in an afternoon and at Bentley Motors in Crewe automatic door mechanisms were analysed - they were so pleased with the results they have since bought two cameras like ours!
  • 'Sports Analysis' of the performance of athletes, horses (equine analysis) and sports equipment. Analysing movements in slow motion in both training and competition using instant video playback is a simple and immediate means to improve performance. Typical shots include horses running, ball impact on rackets and bats, and athletic movements (notably golf swings). An established company in this field is SportHorizon, whose high speed video camera is the Photron Super 10KC camera: this is a low-sensivity camera having a resolution of only 512 x 480 pixels, up to speeds of only 250 fps - a poor second to Pirate's.
  • 'Ballistics' - analysing the trajectory of projectiles in flight and their impact. We'd like to tell you what we've shot, but we'd have to kill you.
  • 'Natural History' - although we've all enjoyed Natural History on TV, some people, such as the Royal Vetenary Society, use high speed video to learn from nature some tricks to incorporate in future machines.

An excellent resource on the web giving an overview of 'High Speed Photographic Imaging' for belongs to Andrew Davidhazy. It outlines both the uses and the cameras available.