Motion Control Studio Hire


Pirate's Motion Control Studio is the most cost-effective (see our rates below) and easy to use in London - we are located near Panalux Lighting and prop hire companies and ample parking.
Pirate's motion control equipment has several innovative features:
  • An in-house designed and built fast, rigid head incorporating the compact Panasonic AW-E800E broadcast camera totally eliminates head shake.
  • A three channel motion controlled dimmer allows lighting changes to be synchronised with camera movements.
  • Direct recording of SDI video signals onto a BlackMagic 'Decklink' hard disk recording system elimating didgibeta tape. This uncompressed video recording system (compared to digibeta's 2:1 compression) gives very clean edges for keying work and shots can be loaded directly into your edit suite from disk.
  • A comprehensive set of rotary & linear modelmovers and combination rigs can be used at no extra charge, or they may be hired individually.
  • A one-off motion controlled microscope.
  • Although not shooting 35mm on the main rig, Pirate offer a very cost effective alternative by using a motion controlled hot head.
  • Other studios may have modelmaking facilities comprising little more than a home handiman's tools, but Pirate has an integrated workshop.
Motion Control Studio

Motion Control Rig & Table Specification

Track movement4.77m, max 80mm/s
lift movement0.38-2.20m, max 60mm/s
head tilt+65 degrees / -180 degrees, max 100 degrees/s
head roll+/-360 degrees, max 80 degrees/s
head pan+/-360 degrees, max 65 degrees/s
table rotation+/-360 degrees, max 150 degrees/s
table North - South1.4m, max 220mm/s
table West - East11.m, max 135mm/s
Video cameraPanasonic AW-E800E
Video lens 1Canon J15x8B8 with 2 x converter, built-in motors
Video lens 2Canon J8x6B4 with 2 x converter, built-in motors
MonitorSony 21" G1
Mix & OverlayPanasonic Digital AV Mixer WJ-AVE5
Disk Recorder SystemBlackmagic Design Decklink Pro
Portable Disk MediumLaCie 160GB (approximately 150 minutes record time)

Super 16mm Film CameraArri SR3 Advanced
Super 16mm Film Lens (Standard)Canon 8 - 64mm
Video AssistSony Umatic VO-5800PS


Pirate's standard motion control studio and operator day is 8 hours. Additional hours are charged at time-and-a-half. A variety of lighting equipment is included in the studio hire fees - please call for current details.

SD Video Shoot£2200/day
HD Video Shoot£2500/day
16mm Film Shoot£2600/day

Please note that whilst the hire fee includes operator, studio, all motion control equipment and some lighting, it does not include a lighting cameraman or camera loader/focus puller.