35mm Time Lapse Camera - Automax Model GS-2 Pulse-Cine Camera


This Automax 35mm pulse/cine camera can be used to take individual 35mm frames at any long interval (as long as one's intervalometer allows - for example one could use Pirate's Lynx Robotics QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller) up to as fast as 10 fps. Automax cameras have long been recognized as the standard for reliability for time lapse cameras - and they are very ruggedly built. In addition to taking a standard 35mm frame, data can be put on each frame such as record time, event and frame number.Typical uses would be time-lapse documentation of building construction, nature filming such as flowers opening, sunrises etc.
Automax model GS-2



Naturally, longer term rental can be arranged at a favourable rates.