Photo-Sonics Actionmaster-200 (aka Photosonics 16mm-1VN) and Angenieux 12-120 Reflexed Lens


This Photosonics Actionmaster 200 is the smallest high-speed standard 16mm camera, the baby-brother of the Actionmaster 500, weighing only 1.5lb. Although this camera is not reflexed, it is usually used with our Angenieux reflexed lens (C-mount). The camera is extremely compact, making it a favourite amongst skydivers and underwater action cinematographers. The camera comes with either a 'pistol grip' or 'shoulder pad-pistol grip' combination giving on/off camera control. Speed is accurately controlled by a digital phase-locked servo system, ranging from 24 to 200 fps. Built to a high standard with ruggedised components, it is suitable for use in harsh environments, such as vehicle crash tests and missle testing! Film magazines (100' & 200') are easily swapped a within a few seconds. Like its big brother, the Actionmaster 500, the image is remarkably steady: there are two pulldown arms and two pins slide into film perforations holding the film steady, while a rotating shutter opens. That is, the mechanism is a pin registered movement, (aka 'intermittent film movement').
photo-sonics actionmaster 200 1VN

Features List:

  • Frame Rate = 24 to 200 frames
  • Drive Motor = Single, permanent magnet type
  • Power = 28VDC, ±4V
  • Film Transport = Intermittent, single pulldown arm with two pins and two register pins
  • Shutter = Fixed rotary disc - 120° (Std), 72°, 36°, 18°, 9° opening
  • Timing Lights = Two LEDs, one on each side of the film outside picture area
  • Weight = Camera - 1.5 lbs, Magazines - 2.25 lbs (with film), 400-Foot Magazine - 8 lbs (with film)
  • Magazines = 100' daylight loading, 200' daylight loading
  • Lens Mount = C-mount


£1200 equipment (day rate) & £375 per 10 hours for operator (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.