Photec S16mm


This Photec camera is the baby-brother of the well known Photo-sonics 4B 35mm high speed cameras - indeed the company was bought by Photosonics. A rotating prism camera, originally a standard 16mm camera, now engineered at Pirate to shoot Super 16mm. The camera now runs 100 - 3,000 fps and takes 400 foot day light loads. Camera mount is Mamiya 645 and comes with a 50mm lens fitted: Pirate will hire other lenses to order. Viewfinder is side mounted, allowing the D O P a through the lens view prior to racking over for a take. Please note that there is no video assist with this camera. If necessary, the camera will also run at 200-6,000 fps with half frame pictures and 400-12,000 fps with quarter frame pictures.
Photec S16 main

Photec S16mm doors open
Photec S16 rear panel
Photec S16mm door side
Photec S16mm rear
Door OpenRear PanelView FinderCamera Rear

Features list:

  • No internal optical relay lenses
  • True f/2.8 high contrast light transmission
  • Standard Mamiya 645 bayonet lens mount
  • Flat film gate
  • Ground glass focusing gate, upright through the lens viewfinder
  • Regulated speed control: setability ± 5% - regulation ± 1%
  • Crystal controlled LED timing light generator pulsed at 100hz or 1000hz. Accuracy ±.01%
  • Shutter pulse correlator capable of triggering electronic counters, electronic flash and copper vapor lasers
  • Electronic event synchronizer for initiating electrically controlled events
  • Soft start acceleration and de-energizer circuitry
  • Remote start/stop provision
  • Automatic film supply shaft brake
  • Maximum film capacity of 400ff


£1600 equipment (day rate) & £375 per 10 hours for operator (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.