Digital Black and White High Speed Camera (MotionScope 500)


This is our cheapest and crudest camera, intended to be used without a trained operator and is only suitable for a 'look-see' at an event. It is a digital black & white analysis shooting at 125, 250 or 500fps giving NTSC composite output. The camera control unit has a small in-built black & white monitor as well as an NTSC composite output via a BNC connector on the front panel. Typical uses are machine tool analysis in factories or as a video assist on a high speed film shoot. We have regularly hired this camera to models and effects companies for use in the workshop to test a high speed event prior to the shoot day.
Motionscope 500


£250 equipment (day). Note: This camera is very simple to operate and may be shipped using an overnight carrier.

or £1000 / week.