Combination Linear MM3 and Rotary Modelmover MM1


This device is used to give the illusion of a spinning object sliding past the camera in extreme close-up. A super smooth linear modelmover constructed from a linear ballscrew for extreme close-up work. Fitted on two lighting spigots for convenient handling in the studio. The carriage is fitted with a rotary modelmover, which can carry either a chuck (as shown) or a face plate/turntable top (see: Rotary Modelmover MM1). The combination can be used to create complex smooth moves. It is recommended that the unit is operated by a member of Pirate.
combination linear MM3 & rotary MM1

Technical details:

Maximum travel xxmm, maximum speed xxmm/s.


£330 equipment (day rate) & £350 per 10 hours for operator (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.