Mitchell S16 Super 16mm Motion Controlled film camera


This camera is totally refursbished and updated with state of the art electronics. The best S16mm camera for effects work because of its super-steady Mitchell 16mm movement and film speed, iris & shutter can all be motion controlled - a totally unique feature on an S16mm camera.
Mitchell S16 main

  • Frame rates continuously variable up 128fps in 0.001 steps using the Lynx Robotics C-50 motor which is also motion control compatible - one can lock frames to camera moves. The Lynx motor also features a jog forward/reverse switch for monitor phasing - if one is shooting video monitors it allows the black line to be phased out.
  • Unique video assist is a high quality Panasonic WV-KS152E camera, giving clear video output.
  • Orientatable Pirate viewfinder.
  • QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller available too - allows exposures from 1/8 to 22 seconds, intervals from 1 second to 99 minutes with a capping shutter output too.
  • 2 x 400' magazines as standard (others available).
  • PL lens mount.
Mitchell S16 front
Mitchell S16 left
Mitchell S16 rear
Mitchell S16 right
S16 frontS16 leftS16 rearS16 right


Hire fees: For camera, fitted with either Lynx controller, inc. video assist, 2 magazines, power supply, £600/day or £1800/week. "NB. the video assist is included in this fee, unlike most other camera hire companies."

For camera assistant, £385/10 hour day.

Available extras:

Lynx Robotics QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller

Motion Controlled Hot Head

Video Assist Kit

Follow Focus