Mitchell S35R Mark II 2 perf. (Techniscope) 35mm reflex film camera


This is the classic 2 perf (Techniscope) Hollywood film camera totally refursbished and updated with state of the art electronics. Still the best camera for effects work because it has 2 pin-registered action (resulting in very little film weave - a steady image so very suited to visual effects layers and post-production matting) and it can be motion controlled, so it is a favourite amongst animators and specialist film makers. This 2 perf version is pulls down 2 perforations worth of 35mm film stock rather than the usual 4 perf, so creating a half-height frame using half the film stock and costing half the lab fees of normal 35mm. This makes a huge cost benefit when shooting 35mm for eventual broadcast on 16:9 television: when using the normal 35mm 4:3 aspect ratio frame, a huge amount of the frame is wasted when cropped to suit 16:9 broadcast, but with a 2 perf camera there is little waste. Of course, the usual cost saving measure is to shoot S16mm film for 16:9 broadcast - but with a 2 perf 35mm camera there is 30% more negative area compared to S16mm, thus giving a big boost to quality. The cost savings also make it particularly suitable for high quality, high speed effects work, where the film bill can be high due to the high frame rate and multiple takes. This camera type was used to film such classics as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Rubblefish.
Mitchell 35 2 perf main

  • Frame rates continuously variable up 128fps in 0.001 steps using the Lynx Robotics C-50 motor (not shown - Fries motor is pictured) which is also motion control compatible - one can lock frames to camera moves. The Lynx motor also features a jog forward/reverse switch for monitor phasing - if one is shooting video monitors it allows the black line to be phased out.
  • Unique Pirate designed video door incorporating a video assist (a very high quality Sony 999 chip camera, giving super-clear video output) and a bright orientatable eyepiece.
  • QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller available too - allows exposures from 1/8 to 22 seconds, intervals from 1 second to 99 minutes with a capping shutter output too.
  • 2 x 400' magazines as standard (others available).
  • BNCR lens mount - a set of matched Canon Superspeed primes and other lenses available too.
Mitchell 35 2 perf front
Mitchell 35 2 perf left
Mitchell 35 2 perf right
S35R 2 perf. frontS35R 2 perf. leftS35R 2 perf. right


Hire fees: For camera, fitted with either Lynx controller or Fries controller (not shown), inc. video assist, 2 magazines, power supply, Arri 15mm base plate & 4" Matte Box £600/day or £1800/week. NB. the video assist is included in this fee, unlike most other camera hire companies

For camera assistant, £385/10 hour day.

Available BNCR mount lenses:

Canon Superspeed T1.4 primes comprising 24mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm £225/day or £675/week.

Canon Superspeed T1.4 18mm prime £85/day or £225/week

Angenieux Zoom, T3.2, 25mm - 250mm £310/day or £930/week

90mm Zoomar macro T2.8 £50/day or £150/week

Available extras:

Lynx Robotics QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller

Motion Controlled Hot Head

Video Assist Kit

Follow Focus