Lynx Robotics QuickSync 1 Intervalometer Controller


When connected to our Lynx C-50 motor, this intervalometer allows exposures from 1/8 to 22 seconds, intervals from 1 second to 99 minutes with a capping shutter output too. It is microprocessor based and incorporates additional features, including remote run and single frame operation for Lynx C-50 motors. Switch settings are provided for camera clock inputs of 50, 200, 250, 500, 512, 1024 and 3200 puilses per frame. It will also detect and use a 'centre of shutter closed' sync mark if it is available.
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  • INTERVAL MODE: Settings are provided for exposure (1/8 to 22 seconds), interval (1 to 99, seconds or minutes) and burst (1 to 16 frames). For 3/4 second and longer exposures, a stop-open/stop-closed scheme is used to prevent shutter-edge exposure ridging. A toggle switch is provided for contnuous operation and a push buton switch for single cycel operation. LED indicators show system status.
  • CONTINUOUS MODE: Provides continuous and single frame operation at the set exposure. The 'in op' LED flashes warning if a sync pulse is detected at an incorrect place in the operation. A forward/reverse switch is provided for cameras which recognise a direction line input - for example, our Lynx C-50 motor.
  • REMOTE MODE: Provides a remove run and a single frame switch for remote operation of cameras at the speeds or exposures set by their own controls.