Motion Controlled Hot Head


Another unique piece of equipment built by Pirate, this pan & tilt head can be a cost effective alternative to a full motion control rig. Any film or video camera can be mounted on the platform, such as our 35mm Mitchell S35R or high speed cameras. If the head is hired with our motion control option, it can be supplied with Canon video lenses with built-in zoom & focus motors. If using film camera lenses, matte rail mounted motors can be supplied. If the story board doesn't need more axes to move, why hire a full blown rig?
Motion Controlled Hot Head

Technical details: Pan axis: maximum angular speed 30 degrees/s, maximum angular travel +/-90 degrees Tilt axis: maximum angular speed 30 degrees/s, maximum angular travel +/-45 degrees

This hot head was used with motion control to shoot Vodafone's 'Blackberry' (a mobile email device) commercial in which a pre-programmed move was 'played' at a four of different, real locations - London City Airport, a road-side layby, a board room in the City of London and finally an office lift interior. The move mimicked the POV of a Blackberry user from looking down at their Blackberry, up to the scene before them and back down again. In post production, the series of takes were linked end to end to give the illusion that each time the user looked up, the scene changed before them - the Blackberry was always in the same place in their hands.


Rig & Motion Control Equipment £600 equipment (day) & £350 per 10 hours for operator (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.