Motion Controlled Gimbal Rig


The Gimbal rig allows an object to be pivoted about a virtual centre, for example its mid point. The object is usually mounted on a rod which is held vertically in a three-jaw chuck held on a modelmover. This is mounted on an arm, can be swung around a horizontal axis by second modelmover. By adjusting the height of the object such that it lines up with the horizontal swing axis, it can be swivelled about two axes simultaneously. This gives the illusion of the object tumbling through space. By combining the rig with the main motion control rig, very complex and rapid moves can be created.
Gimbal Rig

There are two sizes of arms available: choice would depend on usage - please call for advice.

The title sequence for BBC TV's 9 O'clock News was created by mounting outline maps on the Gimball Rig and shooting a number of complex moves. Editing several takes together as graphic layers created a sophisticated CGI look.

When hiring our main motion control facility, this rig forms part of the standard equipment list and is included in the normal hire fee. It is also availabale for separate hire, but is usually hired with an operator. It may be operated with our standard speed controllers or fully motion controlled for repeatable, substitution moves.



Rig & Speed Controllers (not motion controlled) £300 equipment (day) & £350 per 10 hours for operator ( time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.

Rig & Motion Control Equipment £600 equipment (day) & £350 per 10 hours for operator (inc. travel time). Operator overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half.