Analogue Colour High Speed Video Kit (NAC HSV500C3)


This ready-to-go kit comprises a NAC HSV 500C3 camera system, a Sony 9" monitor and a custom-built eyepiece. The lightweight, compact camera connects to a high-speed S-VHS videotape deck, recording at 125, 250 or 500fps, storing up to 43 minutes of live action. The camera's 3 x 1/3" 510 x 485 CCD image sensor array has high light sensitivity, resulting in extremely crisp, brilliant colour images in environments with low lighting conditions or environments where additional light cannot be added. The system is extremely easy to use and operates much like a standard VCR. It will record at 125, 250 or 500fps. Typical uses are as a high-speed video assist on high speed film shoots or motion analysis work, such as analysing the motion of machine tools within a factory environment.
analogue colour HSV Kit

This camera can be dry hired - without operator and makes a cost effective too for analytical video work.

To open the operator's manual as a Adobe Acrobat file, please click here


Analogue Kit & Operator £300 equipment (day) & £300 per 8 hours for camera technician (inc. travel time). Technician overtime hours would be charged at time-and-a-half. Technician is optional - you may operate it yourself.

For this equipment, a four day week is charged.