Photron Ultima APX Hire - 16:9 Standard Definition Digital High Speed Video @ 2,000 fps


Directors and DOPs love the ease of use of our high speed video, because it has been integrated with a live-image on-board monitor, a full range of cine lenses, accessories and optional Motion Control, that produce film-like quality images without the hassle and expense of shooting film. They have the luxury of knowing they can go for another high speed take without wincing at spiralling costs.

  • The camera shoots full widescreen broadcast images (1024 x 1024 pixels) up to 2000 fps, continuing up to an amazing 120,000 fps, stored directly onto disk (as 10 bit TIFF files).
  • After wrapping, it's then straight into your post-production facility courtesy of a portable drive.
  • Whether shooting in our studio or away from base, our portable Motion Control head means the camera can pull focus, zoom, pan & tilt, enabling computer-controlled camera moves during a high speed shot.
Additional Benefits:
  • Instant playback on G1 monitor Coo at the graceful way that bullet smashes through plate glass while the next shot is being set up.
  • Sensitive image sensor (320 ASA film equivalent) Typical shots require only 2 x 10kW lights, which means your lighting bill will be much lower. Nice.
  • 25fps & Custom Frame Rate option You wanted to match live action and the standard speeds may not be exactly what you wanted.
  • End Record Trigger Continuously record in a loop and cut when you've seen the action - no more missed takes.
  • Synchronise Trigger Kit option Synchronise an event to camera turnover - pyrotechnics have never been so much fun.
Digital HSV trolley

Look at it another way:

Shoot high speed on a Photosonic film camera, and a typical take using 1000ft magazine of 35mm film would cost £1000 in stock and telecine alone, before you've even put it through steadygate to sort out the film weave (the images recorded on HSV are steady as a rock). A high speed video shoot day with Pirate can yield 30 or more takes - imagine how much that would cost if shot on film!

Digital HSV crash box
Digital HSV hand held
Digital HSV 50mm Canon Superspeed with screen
Digital HSV with eyepiece and matte box
Digital HSV and HS follow focus
Digital HSV Angenieux zoom and motion control
crash housinghand heldwith 6" screenwith eyepieceHS follow focuszoom with motion control

To view a the full set of accessories, please see Digital High Speed Video Accessories.

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Camera & Control system , Live-feed 6" on-board monitor, Tripod & Head, Arri 4" Matte box & 15mm Rails, Canon Superspeed Prime Lenses (BNCR mount, 24mm-T1.5, 35mm-T1.3, 50mm-T1.3, 85mm-T1.3) (other lens mounts available), 9" Sony monitor£1200 per day
PLEASE NOTE: Lacie Drive is provided free of charge for two working days: further days£10 per day
High Speed Camera Operator£431 per 10 hours *OT - see here
14" Sony High Resolution G1 monitor & cage (flight cased)£90 per day
27" Sony Cube monitor in flight case£75 per day
High-speed follow focus£75 per day
Vinten V12 Fluid head & legs£45 per day
Arri mini Hi Hat & Head£40 per day
Scaffolding Camera Mount & Head£40 per day
18mm-T1.5 prime£85 per day
300mm-T2.8 prime - Canon Century Precision£150 per day
Angenieux zoom lens T3.2, 25mm - 250mm£310 per day
90mm Zoomar macro lens T2.8£50 per day
Crash Housing (protection in hazardous environments)£35 per day
Synchronise Trigger Kit option£100 per day
Motion Controlled Head, 5 axis, option£1000 per 10 hours
Custom frame rate option eg 25 fps£200 per day
Camera Assistant£430 per 10 hours
Output to Digibeta tape£150 setup + £50 per 10GB source data
Pirate Studio dry hire£550/8hrs or £687/10hrs
(Inside M25 equipment delivery / collection, inc. operator time£125)
(Outside M25 equipment delivery / collection £125 minimum or mileage charged at105p per mile)
(Outside M25 operator travel time charged prorata)